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Pi Journals and Planning Products helps people to get the most out of their professional and personal lives.

The journals are different to personal development books since they require direct involvement from the user. Books are great for gaining knowledge and insight. The difference with the journals is that they actively engage the user in change with the user having to think through and write down their own thought processes at the time of putting the principles into practice. Through this approach the journals help the user to implement changes and achieve results.

The Pi Planning Products aid people be more productive to complete goals and tasks in a structured and timely manner. Tried and tested, the notepads help ensure that users stay focussed on their 'To Do' lists and manage priorities more effectively.

If you're looking to become a better business leader or, to have a more fulfilling life, then why not try one of our journals and planners? - After all, change happens when you do something differently.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently Pi Journals sells and delivers products solely within the UK.

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  • Pi Journals Planners


    Pi Planning Products have been created to help people to be more productive. Offering a selection of notepad formats to enable the user to overcome procrastination, clarify goals & priorities and complete more tasks.

  • Pi Leadership Journal

    Leadership & Business

    A good leader has a vision for their business and drafts plans to achieve their aims. Plus, they work on the skills required to get the best out of their team. The Pi Leader's Journal and the Pi Business Journal enables a busy person to develop one business improvement or leadership skill each week. Thereby, implementing a realistic change programme for both their personal and business growth.

  • Personal Growth & Mindfulness

    The Pi Life and Mindfulness Journals are designed to help someone get more out of life and have more fun doing so. The user gains more self-awareness and engagement with the world through trying new activities each week and noting their outcomes. Marrying contemplation with action to achieve personal growth and contentment.