Does the journal have calendar dates in it? I’d like to start using it straight away.

No it is not dated.  There are blank spaces at the top of each week so that the user can write in their own calendar dates.  This is deliberate so that you can start the journal at any point in time throughout the year.

Can I buy this as a gift to send to someone at a different address?

Absolutely.  Just let us know in the checkout comments box the name and address of the recipient and that the purchase is a gift.

Can I do a bulk orders?

Yes, please send an email to info@pijournals.com with details of how many journals, which version, the delivery address and when you’d like them delivered.  Depending on the volume, bulk discounts can be substantial and production cost savings passed onto you.

Question: How many weeks are in the Life Journal?

52 weeks – each week has a different suggested activity and a planning and a review section.  Plus, there are 2 ‘bonus’ weeks of suggested activities.