Pi Business Journal

  • BUSINESS GROWTH JOURNAL – A weekly journal for a business owner or department head to plan their week and develop their business in 1 hour a week.
  • REFLECTION AND WORK PLANNER – Reflecting on the past week with positive reinforcement through noting their strengths and accomplishments. Free form date for planning tasks for the week ahead.
  • BUSINESS STRATEGY & TACTICS – Weekly suggested business strategy covering the broad range of real world business growth activities: sales; marketing; finance; team leadership; operations.
  • PROFIT MAKING – Guided activities each week to build a profitable business.
  • PERSONAL AND BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT – A business journal for those seeking to improve their business in practical, achievable steps over the duration of one year.

$25.50 $21.66

I would highly recommend this journal for any business exec or business owner. It is more than a strategic pathway, but an excellent business tool that will pay itself back tenfold. It covers marketing, sales, teamwork, business relationships – the lot.

It is set out in a user friendly format with a review section and a checklist for the coming week, plus a one page strategic focus – which is simply brilliant and concise. Just the ticket if you are busy – It helps you stop and smell the coffee!


Does the journal have calendar dates in it? I’d like to start using it straight away.

No it is not dated.  There are blank spaces at the top of each week so that the user can write in their own calendar dates.  This is deliberate so that you can start the journal at any point in time throughout the year.