Pi Leader’s Journal

  • LEADERSHIP JOURNAL – A weekly journal for a business leader to plan their week and develop their leadership skills in 1 hour a week.
  • REFLECTION AND WORK PLANNER – Reflecting on the past week with positive reinforcement through noting their strengths and accomplishments. Free form date for planning tasks for the week ahead.
  • BUSINESS STRATEGY; ANALYSIS & PLANNING – Weekly suggested activity covering the broad range of business leadership: strategy; planning; leading teams; personal leadership skills.
  • LEADERSHIP SKILLS DEVELOPMENT – Guided activities each week to foster greater self-confidence and leadership capabilities.
  • PERSONAL AND BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT – A business journal for those seeking to improve their leadership skills in practical, achievable steps over the duration of one year.

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I bought this leader’s journal with the aim of using it to help a member of my team to be more organised and productive, but actually I have found it really useful too. The exercises are useful ideas to get you thinking and broken down so it’s never too much to do at once…which actually encourages you to do it. Best for me, it’s always looking to turn your thoughts and actions into positives. I have now bought another copy for my team member.



Can I do a bulk orders?

Yes, please send an email to with details of how many journals, which version, the delivery address and when you'd like them delivered.  Depending on the volume, bulk discounts can be substantial and production cost savings passed onto you.