Pi Mindfulness Journal

MINDFULNESS JOURNAL – This 52-week journal will take you on a journey to a happier, more mindful you. Each week, learn a simple element of mindfulness or other proven strategy for dealing with life’s many challenges.


LIVE IN THE MOMENT – Has a life of digital distraction, perfectionism and excessive consumerism left you feeling dissatisfied and out of touch with who you really are? Learn how to overcome the downsides of social media and other societal pressures that are dragging you down.


CAREFULLY STRUCTURED PROGRAM – Each week, to hone your happiness skills, you reflect on what you’ve learnt and other positive life aspects. Then, you plan the week ahead and are given an activity, which requires writing down your experience to reinforce the learning process.


LEARN VITAL LIFE-CHANGING SKILLS – Ranging from simple meditation to learning how to engage with others and the world around you, and from the secrets of being creative to the traits of happiness. And many more…


START YOUR JOURNEY ANYTIME – Free-form date line allows you to begin the transition to more rewarding life anytime in the calendar year.   Available in the UK; Europe and USA.

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Can I buy this as a gift to send to someone at a different address?

Absolutely.  Just let us know in the checkout comments box the name and address of the recipient and that the purchase is a gift.