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  • BUSINESS GROWTH JOURNAL - A weekly journal for a business owner or, department head to plan their week and develop their business in 1 hour a week.
  • REFLECTION AND WORK PLANNER - Reflecting on the past week with positive reinforcement through noting their strengths and accomplishments. Free form date for planning tasks for the week ahead.
  • BUSINESS STRATEGY & TACTICS - Weekly suggested business strategy covering the broad range of real world business growth activities: sales; marketing; finance; team leadership; operations.
  • PROFIT MAKING - Guided activities each week to build a profitable business.
  • PERSONAL AND BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT - A business journal for those seeking to improve their business in practical, achievable steps over the duration of one year.

This is not a journal intended for the user to collect their thoughts and then forget about them. It’s more than that. It’s a handbook for business improvement, guiding the user through a series of steps designed to significantly improve the performance of their business.

Most business owners and leaders have tremendous desires to drive their businesses forward but rarely find the time to read the right book, attend a worthwhile seminar or let alone, put the necessary changes into practice to deliver better results. Therefore, it’s not knowledge that’s the limiting factor, it’s having the time and more particularly, having a system that aids business leaders in their implementation of change.

This journal helps a business leader through acting as a guide through a series of steps required to implement change in a business in practical, achievable actions to be instigated on a weekly basis.  Can a business leader reasonably be expected to change their marketing, sales and operations in one week? Probably not. However, if the same business leader could devote an hour a week and commit to implementing one change, then where could the business be at the end of a year? That’s the challenge this journal seeks to help the user achieve.

The journal splits each week into two sections. First there is an area for review of the previous week and planning of activities for the forthcoming week. The weekly review looks at specific steps and has been designed for the user to achieve more in their professional life and, to have more awareness of how behavior and attitude determine their success.

The second section sets out a separate business topic for the user to focus on that week and implement. The order of these steps is first in planning and building the right infrastructure for the business and thereafter, instigating a series of marketing, sales and actions to build profits.