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Pi Leader's Journal

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  • LEADERSHIP JOURNAL - A weekly journal for a business leader to plan their week and develop their leadership skills in 1 hour a week.
  • REFLECTION AND WORK PLANNER - Reflecting on the past week with positive reinforcement through noting their strengths and accomplishments. Free form date for planning tasks for the week ahead.
  • BUSINESS STRATEGY; ANALYSIS & PLANNING - Weekly suggested activity covering the broad range of business leadership: strategy; planning; leading teams; personal leadership skills.
  • LEADERSHIP SKILLS DEVELOPMENT - Guided activities each week to foster greater self-confidence and leadership capabilities.
  • PERSONAL AND BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT - A business journal for those seeking to improve their leadership skills in practical, achievable steps over the duration of one year.

A journal for business leaders aspiring to develop themselves and their teams to achieve their greatest potential.

The journal has been designed for the user to review their week. Also, a different exercise each week will help them plan and lead their life with a conscious and productive approach. Commitment to routinely devoting one hour a week on the completion of the journal should significantly build the user’s leadership skills, attributes and mindset.

The weekly review looks at specific steps and has been designed for the user to achieve more in their professional life and, to have more awareness of how behaviour and attitude determine their success.

Each week focuses on a specific leadership attribute, which will help the user build their leadership competencies in a considered and structured manner. With an individual topic each week, it is possible to complete the journal without being overwhelmed by a workload of self-improvement actions. In this way an individual can develop their own working examples of how they have previously delivered in the competency area and determine changes in their own actions and thoughts, which will enable them to be at their best.

Leadership starts with setting directions and planning for the future. Thereafter, engaging teams and resources whilst motivating others in the ensuing trials to achieve desired developmental outcomes. This pathway is broadly followed with development points to draw upon a leader’s strong sense of self-belief, resilience and willpower.

In summary, this journal serves as a weekly review for the user to reflect upon their achievements in the prior business week, their performance and future plans. At the same time, building a leader’s competencies and thought-processes to lead at their highest level of potential.

For use as an individual development tool or, with a copy each, to advance whole management teams.