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  • Pi Mindfulness Journal
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Pi Mindfulness Journal

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  • MINDFULNESS JOURNAL – Become happier and more mindful with this 52-week journal.
  • LIVE IN THE MOMENT – Learn how to overcome the downsides of social media and other societal pressures that drag you down.
  • CAREFULLY STRUCTURED PROGRAMME – Each week, to hone your happiness skills, you reflect on what you’ve learnt and other positive life aspects.
  • LEARN VITAL LIFE-CHANGING SKILLS – Ranging from simple meditation to learning how to engage with others and the world around you.
  • START YOUR JOURNEY ANYTIME – Free-form date line allows you to begin the transition to more rewarding life anytime.

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking” - Marcus Aurelius

This journal will take you on a 12-month journey – the destination is a happier, more mindful you. By learning simple elements of mindfulness and other proven strategies, you can become more grounded, less stressed and better able to deal with life’s challenges. What’s more, life will have new meaning, as you’ll be able to take joy in everyday things that used to pass you by.

The essence of mindfulness is living in the moment, aided by meditation to help you focus and channel your energy into positive feelings and actions. Based on extensive research and personal experience, this journal harnesses key mindfulness elements, including simple meditations, and combines them with other tried-and-tested life-improving techniques.

Each week starts with a review, where you reflect on various aspects of mindfulness in order to hone your skills. Next, you are encouraged to make plans for the week ahead – made easier by the section on how to set realistic targets. Then, each week you are given an activity or exercise that helps you overcome a specific barrier to mindfulness, or deals with an aspect of life that commonly causes problems and unhappiness. You also record your experiences, which reinforces the learning process.

Setting out on the path to becoming happier and more mindful requires about an hour per week in terms of filling in the journal. But the opportunities to apply what you learn are endless…